Who are we?

Colonel Harland D. Sanders first got the taste for running his own business in the mid 1930s. It was in a small motel café that he first experimented with his now famous 11 herbs and spices that became the Original Recipe. Although this was not the start of KFC as we know it, the seed of a dream had been sown.

In the 1950s Colonel Sanders saw the end of his first venture when a new by-pass reduced his trade. The Colonel realised, at the age of 66, that the only way forward was to take his “Kentucky Fried Chicken” on the road. He set up his own chicken franchising business, travelling from one selected restaurant to another setting the standard to which his great tasting chicken was to be cooked. Using his name the business grew bigger than even the Colonel could have hoped to handle on his own.

Such was the Colonel’s influence that when he decided to sell the company, they arranged to make him life long quality controller and used his famous face as well as his exceptionally high standards as the company trademarks. The company has continued to grow and flourish, despite his death in December 1980, at the age of 90!

After working in the KFC business in and around London since the 1980s, Acky Khan & Subash Thamboo formed Gastronomy Foods and bought 7 restaurants in Wales. Since then Gastronomy has become a well respected Franchise growing from those first 7 to 40 Restaurants spread from Holyhead to Nottingham. We are immensely proud of the brand, and are passionate about our standards, our people and our reputation!